• Blue Light Readers

      Not all blue light blocking glasses are created equal. MicroVision Optical has developed a blue light lens that’s a perfect blend of protection and clarity.


      Cambria (coming soon)


      Futura 3-Pack

    • Folding Vision Readers

      One of the most popular products we developed – and likely one of the most copied reader designs ever.

      The Executive

      Platinum | RX (coming soon)

      Classic | RX (coming soon)

    • Rolling Readers

      With its new patented hinge mechanism, the Rolling Reader folds so flat it fits in a case only ¼ of an inch thick. That’s as thin as your smartphone.



    • Flat Fold Readers

      Our Flat Fold readers use our best quality polycarbonate lenses with smooth beveled edges and lightweight, durable, stainless steel frames.

      Flat Fold Reader

Microvision Optical

The perfect blend of protection and clarity.

Microvision Optical

The perfect blend of protection and clarity.

Not all blue light blocking glasses are created equal.

Our NEOX Blue lenses are engineered to reduce exposure to ultraviolet light in the harmful 430 to 490 nanometer blue light wavelengths coming from screens at work, your home, and your phone. We use a special BPA-free, ultra-high transmission PMMA polymer as the base material for our blue light lenses and infuse it with proprietary anti-blue light factors. Then, using high-energy ion bombardment, in a special vacuum environment, we bond our NEOX Cerudur™ coating complex to the surface of each lens.

The Futura 3-Packs

The Futura 3-Packs are the entry level blue light readers from MicroVision Optical. But don’t think for a minute they’re cheap reading glasses. At this great price, you won’t find blue light readers with the features, technology and style we’ve built into the Futura. Hundreds of thousands of customers have bought Futuras as their first blue light reader.

They feature PMMA polymer lenses with MicroVision Optical anti-scratch coating, durable polycarbonate frames and stainless-steel spring hinges for all-day comfort.


  • Cambria
    Introducing a new classic. A sophisticated, universally flattering shape in a range of stylish finishes.



  • Classic
    Spring-hinged stainless steel telescoping temples help these fold neatly into a compact chrome case or leather pouch with belt loop – both are included.




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