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Blue Light Glasses

The perfect blend of protection, clarity and style.

Our eyes’ exposure to artificial blue light is ratcheting up. The average person spends 7 hours a day looking at screens at work, at home, and play. For our good health, we need to protect our eyes from all this electronic blue light.

Microvision Optical

The perfect blend of protection and clarity.

Not all blue light blocking glasses are created equal.

MicroVision Optical has developed a blue light lens that’s a perfect blend of protection and clarity.

Our NEOX Blue lenses are engineered to reduce exposure to ultraviolet light in the harmful 430 to 490 nanometer blue light wavelengths without the pronounced ugly yellow discoloration found in typical inexpensive blue light lenses

We start with our proprietary NEOX lenses made from BPA-free, ultra-high light transmission polymer and infuse it with our proprietary anti-blue light factors. Then, using high-energy ion bombardment in a special vacuum environment, we bond our NEOX Cerudur scratch-resistant coating complex to the surface of each lens.

That’s why our blue light lenses have the durability and clarity you expect from every MicroVision Optical product.

All our Blue Light eyewear is available in five magnifications, including zero magnification for those who want the protection but don’t need any vision correction. Which pair are you choosing?

The Futura 3-Packs

The Futura 3-Packs are the entry level blue light readers from MicroVision Optical. But don’t think for a minute they’re cheap reading glasses. At this great price, you won’t find blue light readers with the features, technology and style we’ve built into the Futura. Hundreds of thousands of customers have bought Futuras as their first blue light reader.

They feature PMMA polymer lenses with MicroVision Optical anti-scratch coating, durable polycarbonate frames and stainless-steel spring hinges for all-day comfort.


  • Cambria
    Introducing a new classic. A sophisticated, universally flattering shape in a range of stylish finishes.




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